Apollo Victoria Theatre Seating Plan

This vast auditorium is divided into two levels, each with a similar capacity. Because the Apollo Victoria was originally designed as a cinema, the views are pretty good wherever you sit, excellent for enjoying musicals. It’s so large that seats at the back of the circle can feel pretty isolated from the action.

The back of the first half of the stalls section is your best bet if you want a truly panoramic stage view, being far enough back to enjoy the full effect of the set but close enough to feel involved in the story. If you’re on a budget you’re best off with seats in the stalls’ front row, which often go on sale at bargain prices on the morning of the performance. You need to buy these tickets in person, so check availability first.

The low stage also makes row A of the stalls a popular choice, close to the action with amazing views. And there’s exceptional legroom in row Q. Just watch out for the resident ghost!

Side seating in the stalls can suffer from noise from the bar, but views there are still excellent.